Q. What do I do in the event of an accident?

Stop at the scene of the accident:
• Inform the police if any injuries have occurred as soon as possible
• Do not attempt to move seriously injured parties
• Make other traffic aware and gain assistance if required
Do not admit liability:
• Regardless of who is to blame, do not admit liability
• If you do so, you could invalidate your insurance
Get driver and car details:
• Take down as many details as possible including the driver’s name, address, phone number and insurance details as well as vehicle details and extent of damage
Obtain witness details (where relevant):
• If possible, make a note of witness details as soon as you can
Note the accident details:
• Record details of time, date and location of the accident as well as traffic flow, weather and visibility etc.
Make notes of the scene / take photographs:
• Where possible, make notes or sketch the road layout as well as vehicle positions, approximate speeds and position of witnesses
• Take photographs if possible.

Q. How is Posh Autobody different to other repairers?

Posh Autobody is fortunate enough to meet stringent criteria as a result of strict manufacturer audits from the world's most prestigious marques. We believe in being the absolute best, with a standard of workmanship and finish that is 'better-than-new'. We continually invest in people, training, technologies and infrastructure. This means we offer an unparalleled level of service and expertise.

Q. Do I have to use my insurance company's authorized repairer?

You have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle. Your insurer may advise you to use their Approved Repairer but, as the policy holder, the final choice remains with you. All insurers have an obligation governed by the FSA to 'treat customers fairly'. Make sure your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard by choosing Posh Autobody to handle everything for you.

Q. Will all the damage I have pointed out be undertaken?

When dealing with insurance claims, we are only able to undertake the work which has been approved by the insurance company that is paying for the repairs. If you aren't satisfied with the technician's decision, you should contact your insurance company immediately.

Q. Will you carry out any other work I would like doing at the same time?

Yes. It is cost-effective to have additional work carried out at the same time as another repair. Please contact us for any extra work you would like undertaken.

Q. Security systems?

It is sometimes necessary to disconnect batteries and/or remove wheels to enable us to carry out repairs. Please ensure you have supplied us with any radio code, alarm/immobiliser code, key or control unit and wheel lock nut key to avoid any delays.

Q. Excess?

Should your insurance policy carry a compulsory or voluntary excess, you will be required to pay this amount directly to us. The excess amount may differ if a driver other than the policy holder was driving the car at the time of the incident.